I offer online training for women only and I cannot wait to help YOU be your best YOU! I want you to feel strong, healthy and empowered! Let’s do this! If you are ready to set some goals and kick some butt, let’s get started! I have a couple of fun options for you to choose from:


NEW groups will start

November 9th!

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is Wednesday, Nov. 5th

These are groups that I set up and place you with other ladies with very similar fitness/health goals. Groups are 20 girls are less in each group to keep it more like a family! :)
The workouts are designed for you to complete as an individual. The group aspect of it is that you are placed in a PRIVATE facebook group where we all “hang” out. I post the workouts (both the home and gym versions so you have both if needed,) give tips, answer questions, discuss how you are doing, etc. You are provided nutrition documents and information that help with food prep, meal ideas, what to eat at restaurants, other food info, etc. We also share recipes, etc. NO specific meal plans are prescribed, just info to help get you on your way to healthier planning and eating.You can post pics, documents, etc. We have had some fun pics of sweaty workouts, lots of fun selfies, and other silliness.

I post motivational pics and challenges that go along with what we are doing at the time. It is really fun and a GREAT accountability piece of this program. It also provides you with a wonderful support system for each other and many of the previous girls in the groups have become friends and have stayed together for accountability!


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JUST FOR FUN: Here is a blog post I did on some funny stuff the girls say in my groups ;)