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About Dani

My name is Danielle Tolbert, but a lot of people call me “Dani.” I’m a busy mom and ACE Certified Personal Trainer with an amazing husband and two gorgeous little boys! I love living an active and healthy lifestyle. I love fitness, lifting weights, fashion, laughing, dancing, wearing and creating costumes, being a goofball and I’m “not gonna lie,” I am a tad bit fascinated with superheroes.

I actually have a degree in Speech-Language Pathology. I was the founder and executive director of a company working with special needs children for 5 years in Atlanta, Georgia. After moving back to Arkansas, I stayed home with my children for the next 7-8 years. The whole fitness career was never planned and is a total “God thing.” After starting a facebook page just for fun that was/is fitness related, I realized this was my passion.  Helping others has always been a passion of mine. I now, love helping other women who understand the same struggles that many of us face daily.

My “Aha moment”

I gained 70 pounds with each pregnancy and had to work extremely hard to lose the weight and gain lean muscle after each one. The weight gain, 2 c-sections, along with postpartum depression with each pregnancy took a toll on me mentally and physically. I think my “ah ha” moment after my first pregnancy was the day I found myself on the bedroom floor sobbing and I had right then and there decided that I was giving up. I told myself that I would never be fit again. I was tired, I was sore, I was mentally and physically a wreck. I would ask myself questions like, was it really that important to me to ever step foot in a gym again? Who cares If I get up off this floor, or if I continue to feel this miserable? Soon after I had my sad little pity party with myself, I picked my big ol’ butt off the floor, wiped those tears and told myself to stop whining and get to work. After I mustered up a tiny bit of motivation, I realized I had absolutely NOTHING that I would be able to wear to the gym. I know this sounds dumb to some of you but truly, this was awful. After that whole dramatic moment of ripping out everything from my closet and finding nothing that would fit over these hips and legs, I grabbed my husband’s “umbro” shorts and a big baggy t shirt, laced up my shoes and stopped whining. Tough love moment for “Dani T” but it had to be done.

It took me close to a full year to get back to where I felt somewhat normal (whatever that is.) I went to that gym early in the morning before my husband and I had to get our son to daycare, drive through Atlanta traffic and get to work. Let me be very clear, I am NOT a morning person but this was the only time it was going to happen for me. I developed a routine and I never looked back from there! After we moved back to Arkansas, we put a gym in one side of our garage. We have never regretted this one bit! 10 years later and I’m still killing it in that garage! Are there days when I’m NOT motivated? Sure. There are more days than I can count actually. I have learned how to pick myself back up off that floor and do the work! My goal is to motivate all of you to do the same!

Was it easy? NO. Was it worth it? YES. But, I will never look back.

Join me!

I provide online training groups, meal plans, and I post lots of free tips, fun motivational posts, etc. on my social media outlets and my website.

I would love for you to join me as I “GET REAL” and get MY GUNZ!!! More importantly, I want to help you all GetUrGunz!!

Get Healthy. Get Happy. Let’s do this together!