GetUrGainz Muscle BuildingAre you weight training and feel like you have hit a plateau? Do you feel you aren’t moving forward in your goals no matter how hard you are working? I have been there. I can help you push past those plateaus and move you past the place where you feel “stuck.” I also understand thinking I don’t have the time to invest in myself. As a wife, a busy mom of two boys and an entrepreneur, I understand how hard it is to put ourselves high up on that never-ending to-do-list. I also know how difficult it is to start over and want to give up. I gained 70lbs with each pregnancy, recovered from two C-sections and postpartum depression. I understand the feeling of “this is not even me” anymore. I want you to fight for it. I want to help prove to you that you are worth fighting for whatever it is you want to improve.Strong Family

I have also been through phases where I was too thin (for my taste.) I didn’t feel strong and was tired of people asking me if I was “ok” because I looked emaciated. (First of all don’t ask anyone that, talk about a blow to the self-esteem!)  Due to being crazy busy, not eating enough and not taking care of myself (putting myself last,) I created a version of myself I didn’t love.  I wanted to feel strong, healthy and have the energy to keep up with my kiddos!

My workout programs are tough but I also encourage you to have fun and not to focus on the scale. You are more than a number on the scale or on the tag inside your jeans. I motivate and push you in a way that you will be successful but unlike some programs, I won’t make you feel defeated if you miss a workout or totally mess up on your meal plan for the day. Every single day is a new day and a new chance to be amazing! I’m completely “real life” and I understand that life is busy and full of unexpected demands. I also teach you how to push through excuses and keep steadfast through “life.” It’s a lifestyle, not a quick fix. I teach you how to eat and workout for long term and get results!GetUrGainz Muscle Building Program

If you are reading this and thinking, “there is no way I can devote the time to a fit lifestyle,” “I can’t afford to hire someone to help me,” “I have a horrible track record of being consistent and committed enough to be successful,” I want you to tell the negative committee in your head to shut up! YOU CAN BE successful at ANYTHING you desire. You can probably cut back on certain things you are spending time and money on that you don’t even realize. YOU can push past limitations and excuses! I believe in YOU! I want you to do the same thing!

I would love to work with you and help you be the best version of yourself you can be! I’m also pretty fun to hang with, just sayin’!

I help women every day, all over the world, who want to lose weight, build lean muscle and improve their energy and self-esteem. I want you to feel comfortable in your skin and I want to teach you to make choices that will result in a stronger, healthier and happier you. I’ve been there and I’m here for you.

Programs currently unavailable
GetUrGainz 6 Week Muscle Building

My Job

(I provide:)

  • 6-week program
  • Very detailed hypertrophy program for building muscle size.
  • 5 day split workouts for 6 weeks
  • private facebook group for communication, accountability, and fun!
  • workouts already created in a workout log – print and go or use on your phone
  • I will teach you specifically how to build muscle by taking your training to the next level. I have done the periodization for you and will help you each with your specific progression across the 6 weeks to maximize progress.
  • Exercise Library of exercises in the program-photos and descriptions.
  • Detailed Supplement advice and tips on food for pre and post workout benefits
  • Daily tips/deliverables
  • Prizes for participation!!!
  • Amazing accountability from me and others in the group with the same goals! We are all doing the same program, myself included!
  • Nutrition guidance and support: grocery list, recipes, meal prep, helping you set/track and count macros for building lean muscle, teaching Intermittent fasting, daily logging/reviews of the My Fitness Pal, info on portion/servings, detailed eating out guide for different ethnic/theme restaurants. We will be using a specific method for meals, and teaching you how to eat enough for your goals of building muscle.
  • Weekly small challenges
  • A video from me at the start of each phase going over the specifics of each week and other videos, etc.
  • Private live video for this group only with Q&A, discussions, laughs, etc.

Your Job

  • You have to be fully committed to this program!
  • You must work hard, play hard, motivate and encourage others. You are to pay in advance, fill out all online forms, send me before pics, etc. BEFORE starting the program.
  • You will be required to log daily in a food tracking app such as My Fitness Pal and follow weekly video instructions, etc. Don’t worry, I don’t give you more than you can handle. I tend to get overwhelmed sometimes so I will do my best to tame the things you have to keep up with! I do want you to succeed though!
  • MOST IMPORTANT: You must relax, be yourself, trust that you can do this and HAVE FUN with us! You may also be required to take a selfie or three.

Your investment

  • $180 $150.00 (ON SALE THIS week) for the whole 6 weeks of awesomeness!
  • Paid up front before 6-week program starts to ensure your spot
  • Discount option for becoming a new customer with the health and wellness company I use for nutrition and supplements, etc. I am confident that these products will help you in this program but it’s not required. This is not mandatory, it will just get you a fun piece off your price and BOOST your results like crazy!  –Email me for that option and we can discuss further: [email protected]
    –Subject: Discount for GetUrGainz

Equipment you will need for the home workouts

For the home workouts, you need a few sets of dumbbells. The weight you’ll need depends on your strength for different exercises (there’s a section in the program manual you get at purchase with your workouts describing how to determine how much weight to use, etc.) You will need heavier dumbbells for back, legs, etc. compared to arms, shoulders, etc. If you can have a barbell and some plates, that would be even better to add to your equipment, but you can get away with dumbbells if you have the correct weights to challenge you. You’ll also need a stability ball, maybe a mat of some type (like yoga mat, etc. and some resistance bands/tubes. All of that equipment you can get at a relatively low price different places or online.

Is this program right for me?

I will start off by saying this, the GetUrGainz program is not for beginners. This is my most advanced weight training program. This is for you if you are already an experienced lifter and you have hit a plateau, are having trouble putting on lean muscle, or just need to try a new program that is going to push you to the next level. IF you are wanting to get more familiar with lifting, develop some great habits building lean muscle, etc. I would recommend my Fit4LIfe Program first. Click here for Fit4Life program details

I actually have 4 full rounds of that program (4 months of workouts as you progress.) If you complete one round or so of that program and decide you definitely need to step it up and get a more customized program, then the GetUrGainz program might be a good fit at that time. I just want to make sure you have the knowledge on what we need to tweak or work on to maximize your progress with this more advanced program.

If you are still not sure if this is the right program for you and you have more questions, email me: [email protected] and I will help you! If I feel we need to get on a call to further discuss, I will get you scheduled for a 15 min call. I want to make sure I’m answering all of your questions!!