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Do you feel lost when it comes to vitamins & minerals and workout supplements. I know it’s overwhelming to walk into a supplement store and your eyes glaze over and think to yourself, “um…..yeah, I have no clue.” There is so much to look at, choose from and sometimes you just have to trust the person behind the counter to tell you what you should take. It’s hard, I know. I’ve been there. I used to buy all kinds of products, get them home and I was never consistent with taking them. I always fell off the “wagon” within a few weeks (sometimes days.) I ended up just shoving the bottles to the back of the cabinet resulting in throwing out most of the bottles that I purchased. I never knew when to take certain things or what I actually even needed. It was frustrating! I spent too much money on products that I never used or that I realized I didn’t even like or need.

The Solution

I would love to help you with healthy supplementation. I love getting most of my nutrition from eating whole foods but there is a place for certain supplements. I don’t believe in taking supplements that you don’t know much about, or when they are filled with fillers or stimulants that your body just doesn’t need. I have used the same company for 16 years and I fully trust the quality and I love the products! They have been with me through my transformations, and nursing me back from major surgeries and they have helped my husband through major health issues and surgeries in the past. The products I’ve taken have almost eliminated my severe IBS symptoms! I have an amazing testimony about that, my IBS was awful and debilitating. When taken properly, quality supplements can help your body get healthy at a cellular level. Let me help you with this overwhelming part of your nutrition and training. I know you work hard in the gym but let me help you take your training to the next level and get your body healthy from the inside out. It’s not all about having strong “gunz” but if you feel you need help getting yourself and your family’s overall health in order while learning about some products that I think will help you with your goals, then let’s schedule a phone call!! I promise this will be a non pressure call to just share the information with you and discuss your needs. If you have followed me for any length of time, you know I’m not “that girl.” 🙂

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