VIP Online Fitness Coaching Program


  • You already have a gym membership but you don’t go because you have NO idea what to do in there and quite frankly, the gym intimidates the “crap” out of you.
  • You “kind of” know what to do but you aren’t doing it bc you need someone to hold you accountable and give you exactly what to do for YOU and your goals.
  • You would like to workout at home and just need to know “what you need” and “what to do with it all” to be successful and consistent…..
  • You know exactly WHAT to do and how to do it but you aren’t doing it because you need someone to just “tell you what to do” and to hold you accountable.  Haha — This happens a lot, trust me. I have several trainer friends that have personal trainers for that reason!
  • You are completely starting new and have NO idea where to start. You KNOW you need help but not sure who will help you get there— ummm, sister friend…..let me help ya! I’ve been there!
  • You’ve been working your butt off but can’t make progress or have just hit a major plateau or funk and need some help to push out of it and get back to progressing!
  • You need someone to literally slap the food out of your hand when you make certain food choices over and over again. (hahaha) I can’t and won’t really do that but you know so many of you thought about raising your hand on that one.


Online training is very effective with the right coach! Yes, it’s more expensive than buying my online programs or other courses you can purchase online, BUT you get me “all to yourself” this way. 🙂 It’s also a great alternative to hiring a personal trainer in person. I train clients onsite here in my gym and it’s $55 an hour. If you came 3 times a week that’s $165.00 a week. For $150*, you could get all of this for the full month! Just a thought so you can compare. (*see pricing plans below)

Some people really need that accountability and customization to a plan. My online training plans are amazing and work for a lot of people, but I have found that a lot of women need this type of accountability and have the most success with a customized plan/personal coach.

Ask yourself this, “How are my fitness goals going? Do I start and then stop again? Is this cycle on repeat?”

Girlfriend, let me help ya! You could keep doing what you are doing, OR You could hire me to tell you exactly what to do for YOUR goals, monitor and progress those goals, etc. to ensure your success.

Do YOU need help making those happen!??? Think about the areas where you struggle the most, we will discuss and make a plan.


  • A customized strength and cardio plan tailored to meet YOUR specific needs with the equipment you have access to for your workouts. I offer both exclusive home or gym training, as well as a mixture of the two if needed.
  • Adjustments will be made as needed: I will be doing the periodization for you as well as customizing your progressive overload principles to ensure consistent change and keep you from hitting a plateau with your training.
  • This program also includes nutrition/meal support and plan: I can’t “technically prescribe” fully customized meal plans but I will help tailor your nutrition and meals to your needs/goals around your macros, or other methods. We will figure out which method works for you after our initial consult. There is no “one size fits all” approach.
  • Initial 30 minute consult video call and completed intake form to get important information for me to set up/customize your program.
  • Weekly check in’s via email
  • One 15 min phone call or zoom call each month – video call to go over your goals, progress, form, and to keep you accountable. You can schedule out your calls in advance through my online scheduler.
  • You will also have access to my exercise library and other resources!


*Month to Month: $215/month

6 month commitment: $165/month

12 month commitment: $150/month

* I have offered month to month on very specific circumstances in the past. However, for you and I to work together as a team and ensure you the best long term results possible for you, you will have more success if you commit to longer than a month. It also takes me some time to put together a plan for you, and it’s more beneficial for both of us to create a plan for you with goals past a month. I want you to get the results you desire and teach you the tools to be successful for a lifetime by creating this as a lifestyle.